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looks like the developer can no longer afford apple developer yearly subscription $99...

6/11/17 I kept getting error messages about invalid url address. I went to the developer's website (found at App Store) and downloaded ipull_Patcher. I was able to download a youtube video immediately. It still works!!! Happy Downloading!

zero stars. App simply does not work at all for what its advertised. I will be contacting for a refund.

I used to love the program but with the OS upgrade it's no longer working. I keep error message: "gettingCould not retrieve a valid URL". I deleted the app and re-installed. I can't find any fixes. Time to look for a different App. This one is no longer working. Sorry guys! :(

Go to developer's website (There is a link in App Store) and download the patch. It will resolve the "Could not retrieve a valid URL" issue. I just did that and am back in business

Hi. I've got problem to download music from youtube. iPull ( full version) wrote Could not retrieve a valid URL. Do you have any recipe, how to download this URL?


The app can’t handle YouTube videos if they are a part of a list and shows an error message. Another thing is that the app weirdly downloads the whole video before it extracts the audio?! ?! ?! If downloads would be shown inside the menubar app instead of opening a new finder window all the time would also be preferable.

Lots of help

Had an issue with iPull - so I contacted the developer. They got back to me quickly with a solution. Very nice. As for iPull - it works well and costs much less than some of the alternatives.

Love it!

This is a great app that I use for downloading youtube videos. Works like a charm with great quality. I was a little confused about how to open it (it shows up in the upper menu bar which I seldom pay attention to). I emailed the developer and he responded almost immediately. Very impressed for such a reasonable price.

Simple, elegant, does the job

Places an Icon in the menu bar, click on it, enter URL press enter and it downloads the video. What could be simpler than that? Worth the small change to pay for it.


Great !! Works as promised !! And very easy to work !! Let’s hope it stays great by being updated when the download conditions/possibilities are changed by the likes of “ You Tube “ , for instance.

Just started using this ap

So far works as advertised .Does what I wanted it to .

Doesn’t work

First video I tried to download, the app sent an error message. Waste of money.

Nice App

I have just installed the app and downloaded a You Tube video. I received an error message saying ”unable to create file” so I downloaded the patch which didn’t resolve the problem. So I emailed the developer and received a reply within two minutes with the solution (change destination folder). Great customer service!

Download videos from virtually anywhere?? NOT TRUE!

This app is good only if it was one of those FREE apps like the various demo / basic versions on the App Store. Pay to use this app? nah not worth it! People look for apps like this one to download vidoes mainly from social media sites such as YouTube and Facbeook. RealPlayer (now RealTimes) used to do it for me in the past very conveniently and of course for FREE but for some reason I can’t do it anymore on my Mac. Bought this app (seeing "Download videos from virtually anywhere") but that’s not right as it is advertised - waste of money. It does not not work on Facebook at all and does not always work on YouTube either, gives an error message on many videos "URL not found”, therefore, no use. When contacted the developer 3 months ago, got a reply that Google and Facebook have made a lot of changes to their API, they (the app developer) are working on it and will let me know as soon as they figure it out, however, never heard anything back from them after that, so assuming the developer wasn’t able to fix the issue with the app.

iPull works

works as advertised. had an issue with some youtube vids. visited developer’s web site. found patch. problem solved.

Good App

Got it yesterday, works perfect. Should make an IOS version.

Never Works, Need money back or fix this app

I bought this and installed to use this software. This is just piece of junk. It never openned the app to use. I am using OS X EI Captain and can’t open this app. I lost my money. How can i get my money back or make this app working???

Mac Users should download a patch

I couldn’t get this to download anything from YouTube, so I finally clicked on the support link on the upper right of this page. There was a notice for Mac users to download and install a patch. I did that, and now everything is working perfectly.

I wanna get a refund

This is not working for me. Also, it does not have any manuals so this is not user friendly. I feel like I paid for nothing. I want my money back if possible.

Dont Work at All

Dont even spend yout money here. They may have “Good” Reviews but I bet they are the same people. THIS APP DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.!

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